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Cod. K 020 LHV

K 020 LHV

 Could soluble modified potato starch

Whitish flakes

APPLICATION : Glue for posting up placards, advertisins poster and blue back paper of different weights on galvanized sheet (no alluminium),wall,havy wall paper,woodand TNT

Gelatinous solution with excellent slipperiness,free from lumps. Good spreadabily, exelent adhesive property and resistance to moisture Resistance to superimposition of up to 3-4 poster

To increase resistance to superimposition and moisture ,add our K 015

VISCOSITY 3% solution 7.000-8.000 mcPs at 20°c( in distilled water) in the presence of hard waer, the glue varies in viscosity

Ready-to use glue: at 20°C the solution keeps for 3-4 day without undergoing viscosity loss; for every additional (5°C/-1 Day lass)

PH3% 10,5+/-1

PACKEGES 20 Kg bags